Service Request Tool

The Service Request Tool provides a web based, user friendly IT tool which automatically analyses the task sheet of employee and customer’s day to day complaints and issues in any organization. This tool enables you to login, track, investigate, report and resolve incidents in a systematic and automated manner. It also enables each incident to be owned and managed by the responsible business unit, while simultaneously rolling up data to provide comprehensive, real-time visibility to the management which involves in measuring the performance of the business unit.

Service Request


Easy to track the ticket
      Easy to login, track and monitor each or every issue /incident.
Tracks Employee daily Activities
      Helps to provide employee daily task and activities to complete within time to have or serve better quality to the business unit or customers. It also recognize in identifying the best performer of the employee.
Customer Complaint Support
      Customer can log an issue to the concern department or employee to get a solution within time.
Priorities of the Issues
       For each of tickets, issues are prioritized as High, Medium and Low based on the severity of the problem. This will help to alert a specific department or employee to provide a solution within time period.
Cloud Management
      This Technology will help organization to access a log/track/work on the issues without any geographical barriers.


SRT Tool identifies the recurring issues and takes the correct action to fix the problem on cost effective manner.
Provides a managerial real time report to have better visibility for the business unit / employee or customer quality services.
History of each Issue will help the organization or a business unit to find the immediate solution without spending time on investigation.
Graphical and analytical report with numerical values which will help organization to identify business unitto progress periodically.

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